"Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains"

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Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: 
A Permaculture Approach to Home Gardening Above 6,500 Feet in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Southern Utah.

Whether you are a weekend gardener who has never heard of permaculture, or an avid gardener using the permaculture approach, this book will help you grow food under the most challenging of circumstances. 

Written by Master Gardener Lisa Rayner of Flagstaff, Arizona, this book will teach you how to deal with dry weather, high winds, intense sunlight, cold nights, insect pests, and other challenges of gardening in the southwest mountains. 

This book includes beautiful illustrations by Zackery Zdinak as well as a planting timetable, glossary of lesser known food crops, and an extensive list of resources for gardeners. In his preface, author and educator Dr. Gary Nabhan calls this book a "masterpiece." Permaculture Activist magazine says of this book, "The author and publishers are to be commended for creating a first-class resource."

This completely revised and expanded third edition was published by Flagstaff Tea Party in May, 2002. 128 pages. Measures 8 3/8 inches by 5 3/8 inches.

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Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains 
will help you deal with our local gardening challenges:

• Clay, sand and volcanic cinder soils that are very low in organic matter.
• A yearly average precipitation range of 18 to 25 inches 
(or less in drought years!).
• Our high altitude provides us with strong sunlight, cold winters and large day-night temperature swings.
• Windy weather, especially during our spring and fall dry seasons.
• A number of local "pest" animals and insects, including elk, javelina and gophers.


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