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July 2002
(Summaries were published in the July 2002 paper edition of FTP)

Climate change threatens 
northern Arizona

Global warming may lead to droughts, floods and drifting sand dunes in the region
By Lisa Rayner
Posted June 28, 2002

Dry Lake fund-raising 
scheme hits snag

Developers who pledged to match donations to preserve wetland cry foul
By Dan Frazier
Posted July 2, 2002

Ice cream cone maker cited for sloppiness
Wastewater violations at Flagstaff's 
Joy Cone plant lead to fines

By Lisa Rayner
Posted July 1, 2002

Letters to the Editor
Includes letters from Wei-min Chiu, 
Nycholas Hansen, Steve Bennett,
Heather Springer, Stephanie Sweas,
Amanda Hafner, Betsy McKellar and 
Zelmo Zartmann

Posted July 1, 2002

A tale of two tarnished knights
Once upon a time, the White Knight and the Short Knight threatened to break a legal covenant with the community
By Merlin
Posted July 1, 2002

The tale of the False Knights
"White Knights” of Dry Lake develop a bad case of ring around the ethics
By Morgan le Fey
Posted July 1, 2002

News Briefs
Black Mesa Trust president testifies before Senate committee; City Council vacancy; County residents "Vote" on the issues; ‘Down-home Democracy’ tour visits Tucson; Flagstaff Community Farmers Market returns; No home on the range
Posted July 1, 2002

Congress should vote ‘no’ on nuclear waste plan
Burying waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain is a bad idea
By Lisa Michielutti
Posted July 1, 2002

Council vote launches YMCA referendum drive
Grassroots group hopes to quash land swap.
By Dan Frazier
Posted June 12, 2002

The future of democracy
‘We the People’ have come a long way, but there is still far to go
By Lisa Rayner
Posted July 1, 2002

How Arizona wastes big bucks
Convoluted purchasing process contributes to state’s financial troubles
By Jeff Colburn
Posted June 5, 2002

The Divine Right of Capital
Book excerpt points the way to a more democratic economy
By Marjorie Kelly
Web exclusive posted July 1, 2002

The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations 
of Sexual Abuse

Book Review

By Gretchen Hornberger 
Posted June  4, 2002

Horrifying things are going on at animal testing firm
Video reveals holocaust in progress at Huntingdon Life Sciences
By Michelle Miller
Posted June 6, 2002

By Andy Singer & Matt Wuerker
Posted July 1, 2002
July 2002 Monthly Moon
Calendar of events
Updated as events are received

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?
After two years, Flagstaff Tea Party is still struggling
By Dan Frazier
Posted July 18, 2002


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