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Flagstaff Tea Party Article Archive
Here is a sample of some of the great content you will find in Flagstaff Tea Party each month.

Articles from community contributors

Dry Lake revisited
by Norm Wallen
Navajo justice
by Honorable Robert Yazzie
Daily Sun helped sabotage Prop 202
by John Grahame
SUV's and the Artic National Wildlife Refuge
by John Wahl
Call me a Christian Liberal
by Bruce Kennedy
Navajo Peacemaking
by James Zion
Hysteria about Pulitzer
by Dean Bonzani
Think globally, shop locally
by Phyllis Thompson and Robin Craig
Protecting resources
by Brad Ack and Nikolai Ramsey
CFV is too much
by Rick Lopez
Tending to the worlds' riches
by Patrick Pynes
The HomeTown Advantage
book review by Daniel Kraker

Big blazes normal and needed  
By George Wuerthner

If we don't like sprawl, why do we go on sprawling?
by Donella Meadows
Voter Education Project aims to register 500
 by Mike Gallegos
Climate change has world skating on thin ice
by Lester R. Brown

Will the real growth management plan please stand up!  
By Becky Schipper

Mixed messages on emergency contraceptives
by Shannon Wells
Booksellers face new world order
by Greg Guma
Playing the development game
by Norm Wallen
Cyclists set priorities for new bike paths
by Jack Welch
Rainbow Community Center opens
by Alexander Vernon 
Speciesism is not a joke
by Jean Myers
Aids in Africa what we can do
by Chris Jacobson
If we go to bed with Wal-mart,
will we regret it the morning after?

By Peter Jacques 

Articles by Dan Frazier
Tea Party Editor

The man who walked in water Teva founder recalls humble beginnings

Made in China

Teva sandals are now manufactured in Chinese factories

Is this building history?  Group says USGS Astrogeology building is historic. USGS says it's in the way.

Eugene Shoemaker
We live on this planet too
How John Robbins changed my life
John Robbins to speak in Flagstaff
John Robbins Interview
FTP's ad policy with Lisa Rayner
Why I'm glad I voted for my wife
All free newspapers are not created equal
Bicycle delivery, a leg up on the competition

Articles by Lisa Rayner
Tea Party Publisher

Saving democracy from corporations
Buy nothing day
Are you a 'Cultural Creative'?
The cooperative alternative
Flagstaff's living wage 
calculated at $8.90
Living wages benefit communities
Let's start a living wage campaign 
in Flagstaff!

Homeschooling in Flagstaff

City wells lowering regional aquifer

Articles by William Edelen
Syndicated columnist

Silence is music to the soul
Gay youth need our help
What is ethical morality
Spiritual violence against women

Bicycle columns by Joanne Gullyes
Flagstaff Writer

Flagstaff Trail User's Coalition
Tips for bicycle commuters

Bicycle commuting - the stress-free ride to work

Articles by Mary Sojourner
Flagstaff Writer

Life after money
Flagstaff Writer's Project
Next stop:  Paradox
Downtown is the place to be

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - Dec 2000
Letters to the editor - Nov 2000
Letters to the editor - Oct 2000
Letters to the editor - Sept 2000
Funnies and comics
Funnies and comics

Voter's Guide 2000
"Questioning the candidates"

It's a free country
Remember when