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A community forum for 
the discussion of progressive ideas


About Flagstaff Tea Party

Flagstaff Tea Party is a free monthly newspaper and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  About 10,000 copies of Flagstaff Tea Party are published and distributed by bicycle to about 200 businesses in Flagstaff, Arizona each month, except January.  Flagstaff Tea Party ranges from 8 to 24 tabloid-size pages.  Delivery by regular mail is available to members who have made a donation of $35 or more. Low-income memberships are available for $20. 
All donations are tax deductible.

Why is our name 
Flagstaff Tea Party?

Distribution Locations 
in Flagstaff

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Flagstaff Tea Party
P.O. Box 22324, Flagstaff, AZ  86002-2324
Phone: (928) 774-5942 • Fax: (928) 222-0153
ftp (at) flagteaparty (dot) org

Write or call us to request a free sample copy of Flagstaff Tea Party. Offer is available only those outside of the Flagstaff area and to those in Flagstaff who are housebound. (With more than 200 distribution locations, FTP is readily available to Flagstaff residents).  Click HERE for a complete distribution listing.

NOTE: We list our e-mail address as shown here in order that it cannot be recognized by web-crawlers so as to reduce problems with spamming. 
Please modify as appropriate before attempting to use this address.