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Flagstaff's $10 bill

Flagstaff's $5 bill

Flagstaff's $1 bill

Note: The Flagstaff Neighborly Notes currency system is currently not in active use. We are leaving up this page for educational purposes

How the FNN system works
Director Lisa Rayner:

Other articles by 
FNN Director Lisa Rayner:

Other articles of interest:


What is money?

In Ithaca, N.Y., 
time is money

By Paul Glover

Neighborly Notes 
in a nutshell

Money with care
built in

Getting back 
to a barter economy

By Paul Van Slambrouck

Neighborly Notes 
are good 
for business

Neighborly Notes soften
economic downturn

Community currencies promote Fair Trade
Eric Brown

How Flagstaff Neighborly Notes benefit Flagstaff


Reinventing Money
by Carol Brouillet

About the Flagstaff Neighborly Notes artwork

Community currency Web links

Community Currencies: a New Tool for the 21st Century
By Bernard A. Lietaer


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