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Flagstaff Tea Party Index to back issues.
Covers period from Aug. 2000 to Dec. 2001

  When you’re as forward-thinking as FTP, there is no such thing as a back issue!

  A limited quantity of not-so-old Flagstaff Tea Party newspapers are available for a suggested donation of $3 each, except for the first issue. The first issue of FTP, published in August of 2000, is still available for a suggested donation of $5. Imagine, for about what it might cost to buy a Harry Potter coffee cup, you can revel in the splendid excitement, share the special magic, read the old newspapers!

For a full list of available Tea Party issues, with an index of classic stories from the early days, visit Stories listed below followed by WWW are also available on the Web. Index compiled by Michelle Miller.


Volume 1, Number 1, Aug. 2000

“Family’s neighborly hardware store takes on Home Depot" — Deana Davis expects her family’s store will survive despite Big Box competition. By Dan Frazier, P. 1.

“Resisting the corporate takeover of public lands" — AZ No Fee Coalition protests Sedona’s new Red Rock Pass program. By David Sherman, P. 1.

“A newspaper of the people, by the people, and for the people!" — Flagstaff’s new alternative, independent newspaper bringing about revolutionary thoughts. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“The trouble with ‘balanced journalism’" — Newspapers and other forms of media need to be places where important issues can be debated, not set aside. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Preventing undesirable development requires citizen participation" — The Council has the authority to ‘just say no’ but is unlikely to do so unless the community at large speaks out. By Norm Wallen, P. 8.

“WorldWatch editor mixes dire warnings with practical tips (book review)" — God’s Last Offer by Ed Ayres talks about issues of environment, economics, culture, politics, and many other concerns. By Chaparral, P. 8.

“Flagstaff’s elephant in the living room" — Population is a very important local issue that has generally been avoided by local governments, media, and nonprofit organizations. By Lisa Rayner, P. 9.

“Slingshot marketing"— Being a local business you can have a huge advantage over Big Box stores if you use relationship marketing. By Ernie Stech, P. 10.

“Money with care built in" — Flagstaff’s community currency has arrived. Get involved with your community money system while at the same time helping your local economy. By Lisa Rayner, P. 11.

“High Desert Dollars debut in Prescott" — Prescott gets its own community currency system, because money should work for us, not the other way around. By Joanna Dodder, P. A-4.

“Hypnotherapist works overtime to help mother avoid Caesarian" — Jill Ainsworth tells how she helped Eunice Wharton avoid a caesarian section. By Jill R. Ainsworth, P. 11.

“The dance of existence"— Even life and death are one, Life, so called, is only a brief interlude between two mysteries which are yet one. By William Edelen, P. 12.

“New Environmental Education Center planned for Flagstaff" — The center will expand our community’s awareness of our environment, and help us get a better understanding on how to preserve and use natural resources. By Glo Edwards, P. 12.

“How we pay oil companies to pollute" — If you think the price of gas is high, wait until you hear how much you are really paying for it. By Loriee Evans, P. 13.

“Arizona’s biggest canyon divides rich and poor" — Arizona has the second biggest wealth-gap of all the states. By Mary Sojourner, P. 15.

“Living in the temple of diversity — The peaks are many things to many people — and to many other species. They deserve to be protected from exploitation. By Andy Bessler, P. 16.

“Adam Smith vs. Big Box stores” — The father of modern market theory would be appalled at corporate domination of the marketplace. By Lisa Rayner, P. 17.

“Local family turns surplus goat milk into prized soap” — Carole Southwick uses goat milk to make a gentle moisturizing product. By Joyce Reid, P. 18.

“Does Flagstaff need a new newspaper?” — The answer may depend on how you value your town, your planet, and the freedom of the press. By Dan Frazier, P. 20.


Volume 1, Number 2, Sept. 2000.

If we go to bed with Wal-Mart, will we regret it the morning after?" — Some say there are benefits but what about the consequences? Many Big Box store employees qualify for welfare. By Peter Jacques, P.1. WWW

Flagstaff pharmacies give mixed messages on emergency contraceptives" — ECP is carried in several pharmacies in Flagstaff, but is the information pharmacists give correct? By Shannon Wells, P. 1. WWW

With bicycle delivery we get a leg up on the competition" — It takes more than money to publish a progressive nonprofit newspaper. By Dan Frazier, P. 2. WWW

The cooperative alternative" — By banding together and democratically sharing resources of all kinds, we enable ourselves to help one another meet our needs for affordable goods and services. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3. WWW

Small book sellers facing new world order." — The primary reason to protect independent bookstores is to protect freedom of expression. By Greg Guma, P. 6. WWW

Not back to school time" — Flagstaff home schooling family, headed by Cherie and Tony Schierl, demonstrates how learning happens naturally. By Lisa Rayner, P. 8. WWW

Faster than a Wal-Mart check-out line��� Able to leap Big Boxes in a single bound… It’s your friends… It’s your neighbors… It’s… Super Downtown!” — Thoughts on the joys of downtown. By Mary Sojourner, P. 10. WWW

"How Flagstaff's new money works" — Find out how Flagstaff Neighborly Notes helps you and Flagstaff at the same time! P. 13. WWW

"Playing the development game" — A brief overview of how and why new developments almost always get the green light in Flagstaff. By Norm Wallen, P. 14. WWW

"We can get there from here!" — Flagstaff Bicycle Advisory Committee makes a list of much needed bike pathways. By Jack Welch, P. 15. WWW

"New Rainbow Community Center offers a pot of golden opportunities" — Center offers something for GBLT individuals, but everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual orientation. By Alexander Vernon, P. 16. WWW

"Spiritual violence against women, A longstanding Christian tradition" — It is simply beyond human comprehension that today, this degradation still persists. By William Edelen, P. 17. WWW

"Speciesism" — Factory farming, experimentation on animals, and other animal exploitation has similarities to slavery and the holocaust. The golden rule should be applied to animals. By Jean Myers, P. 18. WWW

"AIDS in Africa, What are we going to do about it?" — Why is there such a spread of AIDS in Africa and why won't our government help with medication? By Christopher M. Jacobson, P. 19. WWW

"Big Brother is watching you and spoon-feeding you your news" — Never before has the local media scene been in such a sad state. By Dan Frazier, P. 24.


Volume 1, Number 3, Oct. 2000.

"Will the real growth management plan please stand up" — Proposition 202 gives voters a chance to rein in urban sprawl. By Becky Schipper, P. 1. WWW

"If we don't like sprawl, why do we go on sprawling?" — The more sprawl, the more it affects our lives and the more we have to pay. By Donella Meadows, P. 1. WWW

"Why I'm glad I voted for my wife" — It seems to be that part of the reason for the low turnout in local elections is the lack of information. By Dan Frazier, P. 2. WWW

"Are you a 'Cultural Creative'? You're not alone" — New progressive subculture gaining critical mass. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3. WWW

"Local voter registration project aims to register 500 Latinos by Oct. 9" — The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project grew directly out of the efforts to organize for political empowerment. By Mike Gallegos, P. 6. WWW

"Bicycle commuting — the stress-free ride to work" — Once you begin, and fit it into your life, the positive aspects are overwhelming. By Joanne Gullyes, P. 7. WWW

"Next stop: Paradox , A meditation on the magic and madness of the West" — The old ways of living with the West are being killed; the new ways are not yet born. By Mary Sojourner, P. 8. WWW

"Money vs. wealth" — Does it seem like there's never enough to go around? There isn't. It's a giant pyramid scheme. By Lisa Rayner, P. 11. WWW

"What is ethical morality? An ethical life is lived one day at a time" — Issues are decided not only by how we vote, but far more importantly, by what we are. By William Edelen, P. 17. WWW

"Climate change has the world skating on thin ice" — Recent studies have shown evidence that the Earth's ice cover is melting at an accelerating rate. By Lester R. Brown, P. 18. WWW

"All free newspapers are not created equal" — How being a nonprofit organization limits the options for Flagstaff Tea Party, By Dan Frazier, P. 24 WWW


Volume 1, Number 4. Nov 2000.

Big blazes normal and needed” — Fighting hot fires is as futile as trying to stop 100-year floods. By George Wuerthner, P. 1. WWW

John Robbins to speak in Flagstaff” — Author and advocate of plant-based diets back by popular demand. By Dan Frazier, P. 1. WWW

In search of an ad policy to change the world” — FTP searches for an ad policy that supports what the newspaper is about. By Dan Frazier, P. 2. WWW

The busiest shopping day of the year? We’re not buying it” — Today people place materials over human needs. How do we change this? By Lisa Rayner, P. 3. WWW

Think globally, shop locally” — New Flagstaff business support program to spotlight FAN-tastic local businesses. By Robin Craig and Phyllis Thompson, P. 8. WWW

Flagstaff Writer’s Project” — Like a ‘taleidoscope,’ new anthology captures many facets of life out west. By Mary Sojourner, P. 9. WWW

Protecting resources and planning for growth” — Grand Canyon Trust supports propositions 202 and 400, rejects 100. By Brad Ack and Nikolai Ramsey, P. 10. WWW

Foreign investors should not become land barons on the American taxpayer’s nickel” — Why Canyon Forest Village is ‘Just Too Much.’ By Rick Lopez, P. 11. WWW

Tending to ‘the remaining, living riches of this world’ — An interview with ethnobiologist Gary Paul Nabhan.” Nabhan is an internationally respected ethnobiologist and authority on issues of biological and cultural diversity. By Patrick Pynes, P. 14. WWW

Tips and times for aspiring bicycle commuters” — Why biking to work is a good idea. — Joanne Gullyes, P. 16. WWW

Silence is music to the soul" — Silence is the emotional equivalent of carbon, you can’t live without it. By William Edelen, P. 17. WWW

How to un-chain your town” (book review) — By focusing on policy, The Home Town Advantage recognizes what has been missing in communities across the country, including Flagstaff. By Daniel Kraker, P. 18. WWW

How John Robbins changed my life” — Dan is glad to be vegan! By Dan Frazier, P. 22. WWW


Volume 1, Number 5, Dec. 2000

"Is this building history?" — Group says USGS Astrogeology building is historic. USGS says it's in the way. By Dan Frazier, P. 1. WWW

"Navajo justice" — Traditional tribal peacemaking heals rather than punishes. By The Honorable Robert Yazzie, P. 1. WWW

"We live on this planet too" — We don’t pretend to be perfect. The point is to become aware of the impacts our actions have on the world around us, and to do the best we can. By Dan Frazier, P. 2. WWW

"Democracy or 'corporatocracy'?" — It's time once again for the people to rewrite the rules. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3. WWW

"Driving without a moral compass" — If we go on acting with ignorance and indifference, the road ahead looks bleak. By John Wahl, P. 8. WWW

"Life after money" — How gin, blood, tears and community brought one activist to the edge and back again. By Mary Sojourner, P. 10. WWW

"In Ithaca, NY, time is money" — The success of Ithaca's community currency system has inspired even the United Nations. By Paul Glover, P. 11. WWW

"Flagstaff's new currency is catching on" — In more then 2,500 towns and cities around the world, people are improving their local quality of life. By Lisa Rayner, P. 14. WWW

"Gay youth center is a step in the right direction" — Palm Springs area center provides counseling to combat prejudice. By William Edelen, P. 15. WWW

"Label me a Christian liberal" — The conservative movement in the United States is not a Christian phenomenon. By Bruce A. Kennedy, P. 15. WWW

"Peacemaking: a family affair" — Navajo peacemaking is not so much a search for the 'truth' as it is a quest for reconciliation. By James W. Zion, P. 19. WWW


Volume 2, Number 1 — January 2001

“Flagstaff’s living wage calculated at $8.90” — Figure is a no-frills estimate for a single person with no children. By Lisa Rayner, P. 1.

“City wells lowering regional water table” — Proposed solutions include water pipeline from Lake Powell. By Lisa Rayner, P. 1.

“Laying it on the bottom line” — Supporting Flagstaff Tea Party is not something best left to someone else. Someone else is expecting  you to do it! By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Let’s start a living-wage campaign in Flagstaff!” — We’ve tried it once, let’s try again! By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Thinning is better than big blazes” — Our forest must be thinned mechanically  to prevent catastophic wildfires. By Ken Frederick, P. 5.

“Let the sun shine in!” — Passive solar remodeling reduces heating bills and brightens homes. By Charlie Laurel, P. 8.

“Our youth, our community and our society” — Our kids need our help, not our fear. By Norm Wallen, P. 9.

“Police threaten American democracy” — Pre-emptive strikes by police are devastating to peaceful protests. By Steve Zavodnyik, P. 10.

“A challenge to low income people” — By organizing, the poor can help change an unfair system. By Chris Jacobson, P. 11.

Letters from Santa” — Copies of the following letters from Santa to various children were obtained through the Freedom of Imagination Act. By Dan Frazier, P. 13.

“Some Jews set aside old ideas” — Humanistic Judaism is rising up among many Jews. By William Edelen, P. 15.

“Living wages benefit communities” — Living-wage studies refute naysayers. By Lisa Rayner, P. 17.


Volume 2, Number 2 — February 2001

The man who walked in water” — Inventor of Teva sandals recalls humble beginnings. By Dan Frazier, P.1 WWW

“Wilderness guru Dave Foreman to speak to NAU” — Sky Islands restoration plan a global rewilding model. By Ashley C. Weaver, P. 1.

“Where the rubber meets the road ... and where East meets West” — Should we continue to publish Teva ads in Flagstaff Tea Party despite the company’s ties to China? By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“What if the world was a better place?” — Solving the world’s problems requires a new definition of a good life.  By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Proportional representation and the progressive left” — Overhauling the electoral system is needed to break the two-party domination of politics. By Art Babbott, P. 8.

“Is this funny, or what?” — Dry Lake revisited. Daily Sun and developers put a misleading spin on negotiations to preserve wetland. By Norm Wallen, P. 9.

“When more is less” — How choosing to have more choices can lead to fewer options.  Activist recalls protesting the construction of Harkin’s Theatres, and predicts how Harkin’s control of movie market will hurt movie goers. By Mary Sojourner, P. 10.

“Intolerant of intolerance” — Citizens of free societies have a right to criticize the beliefs and opinions of others. By William Edelen, P. 11.

“Lift your spirits” — Essential oils from medicinal and fragrant herbs have a long history of use. By Patty Richards, P. 14.

“Made In China” — Teva founder defends his licensee’s decision to move manufacturing to China.  By Dan Frazier, P. 15.

“China’s anti-sweatshop challenge” — The People’s Republic would be wise to organize a global campaign for basic worker rights. By Robert Senser, P. 16.

Volume 2, Number 3 — March 2001

“Is Flagstaff ready for chemical de-icers?”  — Advocates of chemical de-icers hope to break cinder choke-hold on city roads. By Dan Frazier, P. 1.

“Downtown Business Alliance aims to make a difference” — Grassroots group wants to help local businesses and unite north and south downtown. By Elizabeth Semmelmann, P. 1.

“Tea Party granted nonprofit status, finally!” — How is having nonprofit status going to affect Flagstaff Tea Party? By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Cooperative economic solutions promote democracy and ecological sustainability” — Tucson economist Thomas Greco to speak on how to make Flagstaff a better place. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“A call for action against Teva” — A Tea Party board member and an advisor step down over Teva advertising. By Don Fanning and Chaparral, P. 4.

“The Sierra Club’s Flagstaff office to focus on environmental justice grassroots organizing” — Development and mining threaten regional tribes’ groundwater and springs. By Andy Bessler, P. 8.

“I bought a car” — Bicycling in a city that chose decades ago to invite sprawl is not easy. By Michael French, P. 9.

“Creating a bioregional food system” — Let’s develop an ecologically sustainable farming system and cuisine. By Lisa Rayner, P. 10.

“Slow Food comes to Flagstaff” — Join a global movement rejecting fast food in favor of locally-grown. By Lisa Rayner, P. 11.

“A dog’s best friends” — Day care center for dogs fills a need for Flagstaff dog lovers. By Leslie Hutchinson, P. 12.

“The Naturopathic approach to healing” — Naturopathic medicine is designed to help the body heal and repair itself.  By John Baranowski, ND, LMP, P. 13.

“If Bush is Moses, we’re in trouble” — Today Moses would be considered a war criminal. By William Edelen, P. 14.

“The true price of cinders” — Cinders cause problems for walkers, cyclists, and people who breathe. By Dan Frazier, P. 17.

“Salt versus alternative de-icers” — All the alternatives to cinders have their pros and cons. By Lisa Rayner,  P. 17.


Volume 2, Number 4 — April 2001

“Design Review to increase affordable housing” — Redesigning Flagstaff around people instead of automobiles will save everyone money. By Lisa Rayner, P. 1.

“Fluoridation a threat to health, environment” — Recent research shows some of the effects of fluoride. By Dr. Lawrence Wilson, P. 1.

“Another kind of space race” — Thoughts on editing, advertising, and other arts. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Life after capitalism” — Contrary to conventional wisdom, according to David Korten, capitalism destroys a healthy market economy. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Woman in Taylor enjoys self-made solar living” — Barbara Kerr, co-inventor of solar cooker demonstrates the economy of sustainable home design. By Robert Lucas, P. 8.

“A year in the life of a Lewis’s family” — Watching a family of Lewis’s woodpeckers in Flagstaff is an adventure you don’t want to miss. By John Keith, P. 10.

“Apathists of the West, unite!” — ‘We’ve got one activist for every 400 apathists. No wonder we’re fried.’ By Mary Sojourner, P. 11.

“Christianity’s mythological roots” — Many of the elements of Christianity derive from older Near Eastern religions. By William Edelen, P. 12.

“Flagstaff Neighborly Notes for dummies” — Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Neighborly Notes. By Dan Frazier, P. 13.

“NAU lets the Bedbugs bite” — Clara Lovett tarnishes reputation of NAU with ‘emotional vendetta’ against faculty in controversy over Ekkehart Malotki book. By Tony Van Renterghem, P. 18.

“The Bedbugs’ Night Dance and Other Hopi Tales of Sexual Encounter” (book review) Book recounting Hopi sexual tales is well done, and does not deserve the controversy that surrounds it. By Tony van Renterghem, P. 19.

“Redefining Flagstaff with New Urbanism” — Design Review would return to the pedestrian-friendly designs of pre-World War II neighborhoods. By Connie Bowles, P. 20.

“Flagstaff 2020 supports Design Review” — Many elements of the proposed Design Review standards can be found in Flagstaff 2020: A Vision for Our Community. By Becky Daggett, P. 21.


Volume 2, Number 5 — May 2001

“Wal-Mart friends and foes do lunch” — Researchers and business leaders dish up different views on Big Box stores at luncheon. David Mauer, Al Madle, Pete Wolff, Stacy Mitchell and Constance Beaumont speak on the subject. By Dan Frazier, P. 1.

“DPS accused of shady tactics” — As northern Arizona racial profiling cases heats up, state destroys evidence, according to attorney Lee Brooke Phillips. By Phillip S. Smith, P. 1.

“Learning to think outside of the Big Box” — Consumers need to know the effects of Big Box stores and know the alternatives before coming to a conclusion. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Car sharing provides better mileage” — Why pay for a car when you can share a car and pay less? For those who may only need occasional use of a car, car sharing may be the answer. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Flagstaff bicycle commuters speak out” — Local bicycle commuters are enthusiastic about their primary mode of travel. By Lisa Rayner, P. 8.

“The truth about abandoned domestic animals” — Allowing cats and dogs to fend for themselves in the wilderness is usually a death sentence for the animals. By Jean Myers, P. 10.

“Hey buddy, can you spare a textbook?” — When it comes to educational spending, Arizona’s priorities are bass-ackwards. By Art Babbott, P. 11.

“Creating cooperative businesses in Flagstaff” — Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is researching cooperative economic alternatives. By Lisa Rayner, P. 12.

“Spinning down” — In a world on the brink, acts of fidelity are their own reward. Even the smallest act can have significance, and help to restore hope in a hopeless world. By John Wahl, P. 14.

“Reawakening the sacred” — The belief in a supernatural god is a barrier to higher consciousness. By William Edelen, P. 16.

“Inside out” — At the atomic level we would be unable to tell where skin leaves off and air begins. Once we realize this, our view of our environment will change. By Charlie Laurel, P. 17.


Volume 2, Number 6 — June 2001

“Chemtrail ‘theories’ mix science, fiction” — Some say that the white streaks in the sky are part of  a plot to poison people on the ground. But there is no evidence that anything sinister is behind so-called “chem-trails.”  By Lisa Rayner, P. 1.

“Museum struggles to make ends meet” — New director of MNA says visitation and donations are too low. The challenges and responsibilities of running a museum are immense. By Susanne Severeid, P. 1.

“Would Thomas Jefferson count on the Arizona Daily Sun?” —  As the Arizona Daily Sun switches to morning delivery, youth carriers are out. Meanwhile, the Sun has been inflating its circulation figures. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Ecological living at Agave Gardens” — Couple living at Agave Gardens west of Flagstaff prove that self-reliant and sustainable living is possible. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“The path to riches” — The Arizona Trail could become a source of income for Flagstaff businesses. By Andrea Lankford, P. 8.

“Ghost Dance of the New West?” — Compromise with developers who hold all the cards is not a partnership. By Mary Sojourner, P. 9.

“The inherent value of the natural world” — We are all part of one creation that has intrinsic value apart from human use. By Sherry Golden, P. 10.

“Community currencies are catching on!” — Hundreds of communities around the world have created their own democratic trading systems. By Lisa Rayner, P. 11.

“The pope has a lot to be sorry for” — Show you are sorry by doing deeds next time, instead of using empty words.  By William Edelen, P. 15.

“Contrails contribute to global warming” — Contrails have a potentially large effect on climate because contrails can increase cirrus cloud cover. By Lisa Rayner, P. 18.


Volume 2, Number 7 — July 2001

Invasion of the coffee snatchers” — Another Starbucks comes to Flagstaff. Starbucks has been aggressive in its tactics, and less than fair to its suppliers. Local coffee merchants respond to the company’s expansion in Flagstaff. By Lisa Rayner, P. 1. WWW 

Davis True-Value hardware calls it quits” — Deanna Davis explains how her family’s hardware store, as well as other Fort Valley shops, are getting squeezed by rental and maintenance fees. By Dan Frazier, P. 1. WWW

“Happy birthday to us, but first a correction” — We finished the first year successfully, but we made a mistake about the fate of Daily Sun youth carriers. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“It’s not ‘grow or die,’ it’s ‘grow up’” — Contrary to belief of pro-growthers, nothing in nature grows forever. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“The conversation we need to have about rape” — The responsibility for rape prevention lies with the perpetrator. By Patricia Hoenshell and Stephanie Ludwig, P. 5.

“FAN launches sustainable energy campaign” — A rally, voluntary blackout and slideshow help electrify alternative energy fans. By Roxane George, P. 8.

“Descendants of Navajo uranium miners suffer” — For unwitting victims, health effects of radiation exposure lingers for generations.  By Rachel Scala, P. 9.

“Nightmare shopping: A cautionary tale” — In this frustrating shopping adventure, one resident finds that shopping at a locally owned store can provide better choices than shopping at a Big Box. By Dolly Spalding, P. 10.

“A brief history of private property rights” — We cannot allow the mythology of private property to override the public good. By Norm Wallen, P. 12.

“Justice Douglas was a maverick and mentor” — Edelen recalls how his inner light was rekindled by  his encounter with a supreme court justice. By William Edelen, P. 14.

“Taste the flavor of Flagstaff” — Locally owned restaurants are plentiful, unique. List of locally-owned restaurants compiled by Dolly Spalding, P. 15.


Volume 2, Number 8 — August 2001

Cargol’s long and winding road” — The search for NAU’s new president was fraught with twists and turns, and even those on the search committee have decidedly different views on the search. By Dan Frazier, P. 1. WWW

Pilot survey exposes high school bullying” — School harassment happens everywhere, even in Flagstaff. Know the statistics and how you can file complaints. By Lisa Rayner, P. 1. WWW

“Dare to be different” — Advertise with us and be a rebel with a cause. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

Bullying is integral to American society” — We need a complete social transformation of our domination-based culture. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3. WWW

“Where gay youth fit in” — Confronting challenges and creating pride in the lives of LGBT youth. By Stephanie Ludwig, P. 8.

Cooperative banking and credit alternatives” — There are good alternatives to supporting the big banks and their credit scams — alternatives that build community and strengthen economies. By Jesse Urban, P. 9. WWW

“Neighborly Notes soften effect of economic downturn” — Flagstaff’s community currency allows neighbors to help one another, even when dollars are scarce. By Lisa Rayner, P. 11.

“I’m proud to be a humanist” — Humanists transformed the idea of what it means to be human. By William Edelen, P. 15.

The scars can last a lifetime” — School bullying causes significant harm to victims, bullies and bystanders. By Lisa Rayner, P. 16. WWW


Volume 2, Number 9 — September 2001

What really happened to McGaugh’s?” — If Barnes & Noble didn’t kill McGaugh’s Newsstand, what did? We may never know, but we do know McGaugh’s was not locally owned. By Dan Frazier, P. 1. WWW

Winona LaDuke to speak in Flagstaff” — Former Nader running mate is coming to Flagstaff to talk about sustainable living and building connections. By Andrea Jaussi, P. 1. WWW

“A degree of doubt at 3 a.m.” — When the news is a bitter pill to swallow, but necessary. Do Flagstaff residents really need to know about Randy Rhoton’s questionable degree? By Dan Frazier, P.2.

“The people have the power” — A social movement’s source of power lies in the deeply held values of society. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Wallen is wrong about private property” — Private property is a right, not a privilege, and one that is integral to our freedom. By George Squyres, P. 5.

“‘Professor of the Year’ accused of phony degree” — Allegations involving Randy Rhoton could help explain Clara Lovett’s decision to leave. (See also news brief on Rhoton’s criminal record in November.) By Dan Frazier, P. 8. WWW

“More on private property rights” — Another look at the origins and limitations of property rights. By Norm Wallen, P. 10.

“Outliving the enemy … again and again.” — For those of us who simply will not go away, activism is a lifetime calling. By Mary Sojourner, P. 11.

“Choosing the homeschooling alternative” — Homeschooling allows families to nurture the unique qualities of each individual. By Alan M. Immerman, D.C. P. 12.

“Respect truth, not ignorance” — There are some ideas that deserve scrutiny more than respect. By William Edelen, P. 14.

“Finding our Flagstaff perspectives” — Stephanie introduces her column and hopes to broaden the scope of religious views in the Tea Party. By Stephanie Ludwig, P. 15.

“Other local bookstores try to pick up slack” — Even competitors will miss McGaugh’s. By Shannon Wells, P. 17.

“Historians recall Levi McGaugh’s store” — Richard and Sherry Mangum recall visiting McGaugh’s in the early days.  By Steve Moore, P. 18.


Volume 2, Number 10 — October 2001

What’s the future of McMillan Mesa?” — McMillan Mesa Conservation Alliance offers another choice for residents.  By Lisa Rayner, P. 1. WWW

“Fluoridation: Time for a second look?” — New studies question validity of previous evidence supporting water fluoridation. By Paul, Ellen and Michael Connett, P. 1.

“Passing the collection plate for Edelen” — To survive, we are going to have to do things differently, and that may mean dropping William Edelen’s column. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“It’s time to take the ride!” — New Mountain Line bus system introduces new buses and routes Oct. 13. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

Tea Party readers respond to terrorism” — Read community reactions to terrorism and the Sept. 11 attacks. WWW

“Getting back to a barter and trade economy” — Community currency advocates discuss ways to keep local money from seeping into global economy. By Paul Van Slambrouck, P. 11.

“The power of nonviolent resistance” — Embrace the freedom you have as an American by resisting war violence.  By Stephanie Ludwig, P. 16.

“The female Supreme Being — the Goddess” — For 25,000 years, worshipping a male god was unheard of. By William Edelen, P. 17.

“McMillan Mesa is valuable in and of itself.” — The McMillan Mesa ecosystem is a refuge for plants, animals and people. By Brian Nowicki, P. 18.

“Cultural resources on McMillan Mesa” — Archeological survey uncovers remains of prehistoric and historic artifacts.  By Dolly Spalding, P. 19.


Volume 2, Number 11 — November 2001

“Driven to war” — The American military is in the Middle East to guarantee the flow of petroleum. By Johnny Angel, P. 1.

Fight against AIDS difficult in rural Arizona” — But local grassroots organizations are reaching out to the infected.   By Marlene Rayner, P. 1. WWW

“Platt Cline, a friend of Flagstaff’s future” — Platt Cline was a celebrated journalist and historian. He also saw the dangers of a community being taken over being taken over by big companies.  By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“It’s time to ‘stop at two’” — Having two or fewer children per family is needed to stabilize U.S. population. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

Life after Luna” — Julia Butterfly, two-year tree-sitter talks about her views on the war in Afghanistan, Flagstaff and more. By Katie Curran, P. 8. WWW

“Rethinking the ‘beauty strip’” — Producing everything here would open our eyes to our ecological impact. By John Wahl, P. 10.

“America’s new war is really the same old war” — The real threat to our republic comes from the steady erosion of our civil liberties. By George Squyres, P.11

“Simple living as spiritual practice” — Simple living is necessary for communities to achieve social and economic justice. By Stephanie Ludwig, P. 12.

“Moving toward sustainability” — For consumer culture to change, ethics and spirituality must complement science.  By Charlie Laurel, P. 13.

“Midwives Model of Care delivers” — In Flagstaff, home-birthing is not in its infancy anymore. Mary Ann Baul has been practicing midwifery in Flagstaff since 1982. By Laura Colvin, P. 15.

“Anarchy: The unknown ideal” — Anarchists work for a self-managed, egalitarian society. By Clayton Beverly and Puck, P. 16.


Volume 2, Number 12 — December 2001

When corporations rule the world” — Author who awakened world to growing corporate menace finds reasons for hope. An interview with David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, By Sarah Van Gelder, P. 1. WWW

Flagstaff’s downtown ‘theme park’” — NAU researcher tracks city’s evolving marketing themes, and finds businesses often use names that evoke the environment. By Thomas Paradis, P. 1. WWW

“Saville has left the building!” — Former publisher’s mild-mannered tactics speak volumes about the trouble with advertiser-driven media. Thoughts on Steve Saville, Flag Live! and Mountain Living. By Dan Frazier, P. 2.

“Jesus was a radical” — He was a heretic because he treated everyone as equals, including women. Unfortunately, some of his teachings have been dismissed or forgotten. By Lisa Rayner, P. 3.

“Ranchers and environmentalists cooperate” — Diablo Trust finds sustainable alternatives through collaboration. By Norm Lowe, P. 8.

“Helping the Anderson Mesa antelope herd” — Diablo Trust promotes restoration of the Mesa’s native grassland  habitat. By Norm Lowe, P. 9.

“Birding the Flagstaff area in winter” — Winter brings opportunities to see some great birds, including Bald Eagles. By Linda and Frank Brandt, P. 10.

“Reinventing money and reweaving the web of life” —  We need nonviolent tools to help redistribute wealth and power and restore the Earth in the process. By Carol Brouillet, P. 11.

What Vedanta means to me” — Philosophy favored in India appealed to celebrated Flagstaff historian. By Platt Cline, P. 15. WWW

“Healing emotional pain through bodywork” — The effects of abuse and emotional violence can remain trapped in our bodies, but bodywork can help. By Barb White, P. 16.